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Σάββατο, 4 Απριλίου 2015

the story of the most real good men

She's a car that goes too fast
Even faster than the moments of my past
She's the heaven that I miss
She's a drug I can't resist

She's a game I cannot win
In the end I'll sure give in
She's a song that I can't write
She's a place where I can't hide

She's a chair where I can't sit
She's a bed where I can't sleep
She's a food that I can't eat
She's a beer that I can't drink

She's a pen that doesn't write
She's too strong but she won't fight
She's the sun without the light
She's the moon without the night

She's a wall without a pass
She's a bank without some cash
She's a man without a wife
She's the story of my life

"story of my life" from Mr Highway Band
mrhighwayband (site)

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